DISCLAIMER: Submission of your claim does not commit your insurance company or its affiliates and agents to coverage for any loss. All information submitted regarding your insurance policy and any loss is subject to review and verification. Continental Western Group, LLC and its affiliates reserve the right to request additional information prior to reaching a decision on the claim. All policy provisions in your policy remain in effect, and nothing contained in this website may be construed as waiving any of the terms and conditions of your policy.

Filing a Property Claim

If you are a CWG insured and you are involved in an incident which results in property damage or bodily injury to another party, or if you are a claimant who has property damage or bodily injury arising from an incident with a CWG insured, please refer to the following information when filing a claim.

Steps for Filing a Property Claim

  • Make sure your family, employees or others involved are safe and out of danger.
  • Depending on the circumstance, seek any necessary emergency services by calling 911.
  • If appropriate, request that a law enforcement officer come to the scene to make a report. Cooperate with the officer who arrives.
  • Collect names, addresses and phone numbers from other parties that may have been involved in, or witnesses to, the incident.
  • Preserve any evidence
  • Protect your property from further loss or damage by making reasonable temporary repairs. Keep a record of any necessary temporary repair costs. Have a reliable local contractor patch broken windows or exposed areas of the roof with plywood. Your CWG claim representative may be able to recommend a reliable local contractor.
  • Even if you feel some items may be damaged beyond repair, don't dispose of them until your CWG claim representative has examined them.
  • Move undamaged items to a safe and secure area on the premises if necessary.
  • Contact your agent or call CWG directly at (866) 232-6724 to report the loss or injury.
  • Let us know how we can reach you. If your home or business is uninhabitable, provide us with a phone number and location where you can be reached.
  • If your property has been damaged or stolen, provide us with a list and details of the property:
    • Brand name
    • Model number
    • Age of the item
    • Place of original purchase and approximate date
    • Purchase price
    • Cost to replace today
  • If you receive a lawsuit or legal papers related to a claim, reported or not reported, immediately contact your agent and/or CWG at (866) 232-6724.

Keep on Hand

Phone numbers

• Local emergency numbers
• Your agent’s phone number
• CWG claims (866) 232-6724

Emergency kit

• First aid supplies
• Flashlight
• Battery powered radio
• Extra batteries
• Bottled water
• Blankets

Inventory of Personal and Business Items

A written record of your property is one of the best ways to make sure you get the full protection due under your policy. An up-to-date inventory of your property also provides a good way for you and your independent agent to make sure you have enough insurance protection.

Forms to Use for Inventory

You may use a form of your own or Download the inventory list form. If using the Inventory List Form, more than one line may be used to complete your information. Include the following:

• Purchase date
• Purchase price
• Estimated replacement cost

Recording your Inventory

When making a record of your inventory, include the following:

• Complete description of each item
• Quantity
• Type
• Age
• Make
• Model
• Serial number

Proof of Value and Ownership

To establish value and proof of ownership, attach the following:

• Receipts
• Invoices
• Cancelled checks
• Bills of sale
• Credit card receipts
• Appraisals
• Warranty certificates
• Repair invoices
• Other audit documents you have to show proof of ownership and value

For items that are especially valuable, take pictures or video images and be sure to date them.

Property Owned by Others

Property owned by others requires the name, complete mailing address, and telephone number of the property owner.

When Inventory Is Complete

Store your policy and a printed copy or electronic copy of your completed inventory together in a secure place away from your business – such as a safe deposit box at your bank. Include all photos, receipts and other documentation.

It's a good idea to update your inventory and review it with your agent every year or so. This will help ensure your property is adequately insured.